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By: Ricardo David Flores


Campaign Management Functions & Features

TheEnterprise Marketing Management(EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services or products effectively and efficiently. EMM tools help manage strategic planning and marketing resources (sometimes referred to as marketing resource management or MRM). This KB also covers rule-based techniques, pattern recognition, and other profiling features.. Campaign Management Functions & Features are an important module of the comprehensive CRM RFP Template.

The CRM RFP template with Campaign Management Functions & Features for CRM is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) featuring a total of 1363 decision criteria. The CRM RFP template allows you to quickly and easily prepare the business, functional, and technical requirements sections of the solicitation package you'll send to CRM software vendors. It ensures for:

  • complete response from each CRM software vendor
  • deep and accurate evaluation of submitted CRM proposals
  • impartial side-by-side comparison of CRM solutions evaluated
  • rational and documented selection of the best matching CRM system

The CRM software comparison report can save you up to 90% of the time you would have otherwise spent comparing all the CRM solutions from scratch.

The Campaign Management Functions & Features comprise the following elements:

  • Campaign Design

    Major modules include Allow use of multiple data sources simultaneously (including flat files);Support de-duplication;Campaigns can be customized by regions, territories, or branches;Ability to distribute campaign execution to a wider number of individuals who interact with customers, such as branch managers for a bank, sales agents for an insurance provider, or hotel managers while enforcing corporate database standards and privacy policies;Test and control groups can be dynamically generated;Support dynamic householding and audience level switching;. Campaign Design, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Campaign Execution

    Main modules include Ability to start, stop, or run branches;Support multi-wave, cross-channel campaigns;Support outbound and inbound campaigns as well as batch, transactional, and real-time execution in one interface;Provide flexible scheduling capabilities;Support inbound and outbound triggers;Support multi-message campaigns and newsletters;. Campaign Execution, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • General

    Major modules include Complex logic that includes multi-wave campaigns, last minute suppressions, and derived fields;Present an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for marketers;Provide integrated support for all business units, including business users, database marketers, quantitative analysts, and IT;Multitiered architecture and scalability to business growth;. General, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Campaign Response Tracking/Measurement

    This covers Support the ability to track individual results from a particular campaign;Provide the flexibility to define and track various levels of response (i.e., e-mail opens, e-mail click-throughs, and purchases associated with the e-mail or inquiry then purchase, etc.);Can track responses to an offer in a specific campaign as well as across campaigns over a period of time;Can track responses by offer or across campaigns within a period of time;Can associate a product with an offer definition such that offer performance reporting and product performance can be done;Can track responses to offers consisting of multiple parts;. Campaign Response Tracking/Measurement, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Campaign Management Internationalization

    Major modules below include Support multicurrency;Double-byte enabled;Support localization;. Campaign Management Internationalization, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Offer Management

    Functionality covered Offers can be defined, stored, and managed from one central location within the application;Offers can be reused across campaigns at any point in time;Creative content of an offer can be accessed from a content management system;. Offer Management, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Real-time and Inbound Marketing Support

    This covers Support real-time dynamic offer or message delivery based on both real-time contextual and historical data;Marketer can define rules for real-time customer interactions;Ability to determine best likely offer in real-time based on predictive model;Web services interface for easy integration into operational channels;Scalable to high volumes of transactions per second;. Real-time and Inbound Marketing Support, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Integration/Architecture

    Functionality covered Provide scalability without compromising performance;Reduce the load and reliance on IT services and resources;Integrate with multiple channels including the web, call center, store front, etc.;Integrate with external systems;Ability to automate marketing processes through triggers;Outside vendors can have access to the product without having visibility into all scheduled activities;. Integration/Architecture, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Campaign Reporting

    Feature and functions include Provide standard report templates across key marketing dimensions—campaigns, offers, segments, and channels;Operational and performance based reports as well as customer analysis reports;Reports can be bookmarked, exported, and shared across the organization;Reports are generated based on real-time data;Can report on cross-channel and cross-category campaigns;Provide post-campaign ROI analysis;. Campaign Reporting, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Campaign Optimization

    Modules include Provide real-time offer optimization;Ability to determine the most optimal contacts within a list or series of lists for each channel or offer within a campaign;Provide "dialog" optimization technologies for choosing the best communication and interaction strategies for each customer over time across campaigns while taking into account business rules and constraints;Support budget optimization;User can select a simple, single stage campaign;User can select a complex, multi-stage campaign;. Campaign Optimization, Campaign Management Functions & Features
  • Strategic Segments

    It includes Support strategic segments or the ability to define reusable, persistent segments;Segments can be managed from one central area;Strategic segments can be refreshed at any time interval, separately from campaign execution;Real-time reporting and interactive customer analytics are provided for each segment so that segment usage, performance, and behavior trends over time can be analyzed;Ability to drill into strategic segment reports to visually select specific groups to include within a campaign;Track the performance of segments over time;. Strategic Segments, Campaign Management Functions & Features

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