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By: Peter Poletti


Human Resources Functions & Features

Human Resources encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees. Modules will include Personnel Management, Benefit Management, Payroll Management, Employee Self Service, Data Warehousing, Health and Safety, Workforce Management, Training, and Product Technology. Human Resources Functions & Features are an important module of the comprehensive ERP RFP Template for Discrete Manufacturing.

The ERP RFP template with Human Resources Functions & Features for ERP is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) featuring a total of 3761 decision criteria. The ERP RFP template allows you to quickly and easily prepare the business, functional, and technical requirements sections of the solicitation package you'll send to ERP software vendors. It ensures for:

  • complete response from each ERP software vendor
  • deep and accurate evaluation of submitted ERP proposals
  • impartial side-by-side comparison of ERP solutions evaluated
  • rational and documented selection of the best matching ERP system

The ERP software comparison report can save you up to 90% of the time you would have otherwise spent comparing all the ERP solutions from scratch.

The Human Resources Functions & Features comprise the following elements:

  • Benefits

    Benefits functionality is used to administer a diverse range of benefit plans. Such plans typically cover accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), disability, life, medical, retirement plans, flexible benefits, and profit sharing plans. Benefits, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Employee Metrics

    Data warehousing describes the process of defining, populating, and using a data warehouse. Creating, populating, and querying a data warehouse typically carries an extremely high price tag, but the return on investment can be substantial. Employee Metrics, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Payroll

    Payroll manages the portion of accounting that is related to salaries, wages, and bonuses for employees. The software must be able to support the following set of functionality: payroll profile for the employees, benefits and deductions, eligibility controls, user’s balances, tax deductions, as well as payroll calculations, processing of payments, check printing, check distribution, tax documentation, security and auditing, and automated timesheets. Payroll, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Personnel Management

    Personnel management automates personnel processes including recruitment, personnel profile, organizational structure, career development & training, reward management, job position and wage profiles, and business travel and vacation allotments. The software should support the following functionality: recruitment management; personnel information and tracking; organizational structuring; job position and salary profile; career development, training and performance management; compensation management; budgeting and cost control; government compliance reporting; expenses management; union information; discipline actions and grievances tracking; and employment history/personnel reporting. Personnel Management, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Training

    The training functionality covers the planning and administration of employee training programs, and allows administrators to track training schedules, training budgets, training costs, and more. Training, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Health and Safety

    Health and safety provides the tools to administer compliance with the health and safety regulations, accident and injury reporting, and tracking of lost time by employee. Health and Safety, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Workforce Management

    Workforce management enables organizations to efficiently plan and organize their labor resources. It helps employers assess part-time employee labor, evaluate and project the contribution from individual employees, track time and expenses, as well as manage contracts. Workforce Management, Human Resources Functions & Features
  • Employee Self-Service

    Employee self-service lets workers access their personal information and benefit allocations on-line to manage life events and benefit selections without having to send forms to human resources. The software should also support benefit enrollment programs and new hire initiation. Employee Self-Service, Human Resources Functions & Features

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