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By: Pascal PERRY


Payroll Functions & Features

Payroll functionality consists of the employee profile, identifying the appropriate earnings and deductions for each employee, and capturing time worked, used, and owed. It also provides functionality for handling tasks such as absence management, wage garnishments, and more.. Payroll Functions & Features are an important module of the comprehensive HCM RFP Template.

The HCM RFP template with Payroll Functions & Features for HCM is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) featuring a total of 1430 decision criteria. The HCM RFP template allows you to quickly and easily prepare the business, functional, and technical requirements sections of the solicitation package you'll send to HCM software vendors. It ensures for:

  • complete response from each HCM software vendor
  • deep and accurate evaluation of submitted HCM proposals
  • impartial side-by-side comparison of HCM solutions evaluated
  • rational and documented selection of the best matching HCM system

The HCM software comparison report can save you up to 90% of the time you would have otherwise spent comparing all the HCM solutions from scratch.

The Payroll Functions & Features comprise the following elements:

  • Automated Time and Attendance

    Functionality covered AT module operates independently of any built-in payroll system to allow use with outside payroll services;Disallow restating history for a system-defined period of time;Provide web page entry or thin client for remote employees;Project and task codes can be discontinued--not valid for future hours;Secure on-line timesheet approval hierarchy or matrix (for example, supervisor, project manager, or program manager);Reduce project task entry errors by providing a hierarchical drop-down list of allowable entries based upon WBS;. Automated Time and Attendance, Payroll Functions & Features
  • Check Management

    Check payments required for one off payments only e.g. year-end overtime, late requests. Check Management, Payroll Functions & Features
  • Posting to GL

    Major modules include Payroll information is automatically sent to accounts payable system;Pension information is automatically sent to accounts payable system;Support for multi-tier labor allocations to post actual employees' costs to GL;Adjustments (e.g. manual and void checks) are automatically posted to GL;Supports multi-tier wage allocations across multiple cost centers, departments, and projects;Option to export payroll data for import in ERP or financial system;. Posting to GL, Payroll Functions & Features
  • Profile for Employee Payroll

    The employee payroll profile allows administrators to add, change, or delete information regarding an employee (including their personal, wage, tax, deductions at source, and direct deposit information). Profile for Employee Payroll, Payroll Functions & Features
  • Earnings and Deductions

    Earnings and deductions include all monies payable to and deducted from an employee for services rendered. Earnings may include wages, commissions, and bonuses. Deductions may include taxes, benefits, etc. Earnings and Deductions, Payroll Functions & Features

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