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By: Pascal PERRY


Talent Management Functions & Features

Talent Management softwareis designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain high performing and engaged employees.With the help oftalent management functionality companiescan better plan human resource utilization todeliverexcellence and successfully meet business goals.. Talent Management Functions & Features are an important module of the comprehensive HCM RFP Template.

The HCM RFP template with Talent Management Functions & Features for HCM is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) featuring a total of 1430 decision criteria. The HCM RFP template allows you to quickly and easily prepare the business, functional, and technical requirements sections of the solicitation package you'll send to HCM software vendors. It ensures for:

  • complete response from each HCM software vendor
  • deep and accurate evaluation of submitted HCM proposals
  • impartial side-by-side comparison of HCM solutions evaluated
  • rational and documented selection of the best matching HCM system

The HCM software comparison report can save you up to 90% of the time you would have otherwise spent comparing all the HCM solutions from scratch.

The Talent Management Functions & Features comprise the following elements:

  • Career Development and Succession Planning

    Career development and succession planning applications monitor processes and activities that can help increase the capacity of an employee’s contribution to the enterprise's long-term goals. Individual career development and succession planningis handled between employees, direct managers, and HR staff such that employees fulfill their potential. Typical functions ofthis module are: set individual and group development goals, align individual career goals with organizational business objectives, match employee aspirations with open positions in an organization, and recommend learning activities to address skill and succession gaps. Career Development and Succession Planning, Talent Management Functions & Features
  • Compensation Management

    Compensation is the remuneration received by an employee in return for his/her contribution to the organization. Compensation Management is the practice of providing monetary and often non-monetary benefits to employees. Compensation Management, Talent Management Functions & Features
  • Performance Management

    Performance Management functionality includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management focuses on the performance of an individual and/or team, and includes processes such as setting performance expectations, monitoring progress, appraising and finally rewarding (through compensation). Performance Management, Talent Management Functions & Features
  • Learning management

    Learning management, Talent Management Functions & Features

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