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By: Pascal PERRY


Workforce Management Functions & Features

Workforce management enables organizations to efficiently plan and organize their labor resources. It helps employers assess part-time employee labor, evaluate and project the contribution from individual employees, and track time and expenses.. Workforce Management Functions & Features are an important module of the comprehensive HCM RFP Template.

The HCM RFP template with Workforce Management Functions & Features for HCM is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) featuring a total of 1430 decision criteria. The HCM RFP template allows you to quickly and easily prepare the business, functional, and technical requirements sections of the solicitation package you'll send to HCM software vendors. It ensures for:

  • complete response from each HCM software vendor
  • deep and accurate evaluation of submitted HCM proposals
  • impartial side-by-side comparison of HCM solutions evaluated
  • rational and documented selection of the best matching HCM system

The HCM software comparison report can save you up to 90% of the time you would have otherwise spent comparing all the HCM solutions from scratch.

The Workforce Management Functions & Features comprise the following elements:

  • Leave Management

    Modules covered Supports different pre-defined leave types (based on company's rules);List all the different types of leaves where pay is not impacted;Maintains leave of absence history;Supports maximum duration of leave types and combined leaves per employee;Leave requests can be backdated;Allow approved leave to be reclassified from one type to another and re-route based on the workflow;. Leave Management, Workforce Management Functions & Features
  • Resource Allocation and Analysis

    Resource allocation and analysis pertains to the assignment and distribution of personnel, equipment, and other resources to various tasks or projects. It determines whether allocations are optimized to maximize their usage and meet the requirements of the project and organization. Resource Allocation and Analysis, Workforce Management Functions & Features
  • Time and Expense Tracking

    Time tracking functionality provides the ability to track the time employees spend doing specific tasks. Time tracking can also allow project managers to monitor projects and resources, define different tasks, and compare estimated time against actual time reports. Expense tracking functionality allows administrators to track expenses and calculate expense reimbursement. With built in report functionality, businesses can gain insight into their spending patterns through analytics -helping to reduce operating costs and improve internal controls. Time and Expense Tracking, Workforce Management Functions & Features
  • Workforce Planning and Forecasting

    Workforce demands vary from day to day, and accurately determining the anticipated workload can be difficult. With the workforce planning and forecasting functionality, users can have information at their fingertips which allows them to make better informed decisions about their workforce needs. Workforce Planning and Forecasting, Workforce Management Functions & Features
  • Resource Identification and Classification

    Functionality below includes Differentiate between internal and external resources;New resources from internal or external source can be added manually;Multiple roles and expertise classes can be defined for a resource;Defines standard resource attribute lists such as types, responsibilities, expertise level, organization;Tracks available resources;Each resource has a standard rate;. Resource Identification and Classification, Workforce Management Functions & Features
  • Scheduling

    Major modules covered Define and manage teams following company and union rules;Assign employees to teams based on labor planning, availability and classifications;Same employee can be assigned to a different team every week based on the internal needs;Scheduling module integrated with time tracking and payroll;Provides scheduling suggestions based on the worker’s CBA agreement, and allows users to make manual adjustments (schedule, hours worked, etc.);Schedule shows workload and resource availability;. Scheduling, Workforce Management Functions & Features

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